Projects include: bridges, buildings, river revetments walls and highway earth retaining structures. To determining the suitability of building frames. To the complex design of a hydraulically operated lifting frame needed to raise a 500-ton interstate bridge superstructure to complete critical maintenance repairs while the bridge remained in service. All manner of the new construction, rehabilitation and restoration of many historic buildings have successfully been completed.

All projects are directed toward providing the most reliable and practical solution as related to each particular need and degree of evaluation when implementing the final constructed product to remain in public and/or private service.

Quality project assurance is provided by the adherence to applicable past and recent professional industry design standards cited in AASHTO, American Institute of Steel Construction, American Concrete Institute and accepted MassDOT design standards and specifications. Resulting in projects completed in a efficient timely manner meeting the budgetary milestones established prior to the commencement of construction.